Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center & Hospital Geriatric Nursing Assistant - Burk 1 - Levindale in Baltimore, Maryland

Geriatric Nursing Assistant - Burk 1 - Levindale

Job Details:

  • High school diploma or equivalent is required

  • Certification Required

  • Licensure Required

  • Experience is preferred

Burk 1 is a long-term care unit with 17 beds, where residents permanently reside. Most of the residents on this unit are alert and oriented, but require assistance with care for chronic and acute illnesses. Additionally, Burk 1 is home to chronic trach patients. The unit boasts many types of beds, to fit the physical needs of a variety of patients. Because Burk 1 is considered home to many patients, it is animal friendly and has a house cat. Staff members in Burk 1 work as a team, each member must be compassionate, motivated and dedicated to helping others in need.

Provides safe, age-appropriate patient care, assisting with Activities of Daily Living while maintaining a safe and clean environment.

Requirments: Entry level knowledge; basic employment skills; High School diploma or GED equivalent; C-GNA licensure, CPR/First Aide; Communication devices, Synquest and basic computer skills, Hoyer lift and specialty beds, Basic medical equipment (scale, thermometer, etc.). Experienced GNA needed with long term care experience. Good customer service skills required. Less than one year of experience.

This will include working 2 days during the week and every other weekend. 48 hours per pay period.


Part of LifeBridge Health, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital has been carrying out its vision for nearly 125 years to provide quality health care and forward-looking programs for people who are elderly or disabled. It was the first facility in Maryland to implement the Eden Alternative program for elder care. Levindale is a smoke-free workplace. M/F/PV/IWD Employer

Requisition Number:



Burk 1 - L1460




Day shift